National Fuel Pass Online Registration – How to

Minister Kanchana Wijesekera introduced National Fuel Pass for Motorcycle,Three Wheelers,Car and for all vehicle in Sri Lanka. The National Fuel Pass System introduced in Sri lanka with the fuel crisis. This system reduced the fuel crisis and made all the local public to get the fuel without any trouble.

As a tourist getting fuel pass is still on pending but a recent tweet from Minister revaled that Tourist Fuel Pass will available from September 1st. Tourist can also register to Fuel Pass very soon.

mean while there are many complaints made in recent days regard the illegal usage of National Fuel Pass QR Code. Many peoples said their quota has been used when they scan in the petrol shed after these complaints.

Minister Kanchana made arrangement to Change or Delete the Current Fuel Pass QR Code and create new one for your vehicle as there many cases filled with illegal usage of fuel pass.

6 Million users has registered with the National Fuel Pass at 25th August 2022.

National Fuel Pass 5 Million users

National Fuel Pass Online Registration – How to

  • Go to Fuel Pass Online Website.
  • Click on “Register”.
  • Enter “Personal Details”.
    • NIC Number / Passport Number.
    • Mobile Number.
    • First Name.
    • Last Name.
    • Address.
  • Then Enter “Vehicle Details”.
    • Vehicle Type.
    • Vehicle Number.
    • Chassis No.
  • Finally You will get the “Fuel Pass QR Code”.
National Fuel Pass
National Fuel Pass Online Registration

When you complete the form you will receive the QR Code.

How to Change/Delete the Fuel Pass QR Code.

You can now delete your created QR Code.

News in Detail

The Ministry of Power & Energy today (July 16) introduced the National Fuel Pass which allows the general public to purchase a guaranteed quota of fuel per week for their personal vehicles.

The fuel pass was launched with the technical support of the Institute of Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA), with the intention of easing the fuel queues.

Accordingly, one vehicle can be registered under one National Identity Card (NIC), passport number or business registration number, Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekara said joining the launch.

A QR code will be allocated to each vehicle following the registration and verification of the chassis number, the vehicle registration number, the number plate and other details by the Motor Traffic Department (DMT).

The members of the public can obtain fuel twice a week according to the last digit of the number plate, using the QR code assigned to them.

• Number plates ending with 0, 1, or 2: Mondays and Thursdays

• Number plates ending with 3, 4, or 5: Tuesdays and Fridays

• Number plates ending with 6, 7, 8, or 9: Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays

The QR code can be kept as a screenshot on one’s mobile phone. Those who do not possess a smartphone can keep a printout of the QR code with them.

This will be the only pass that the government will allow people to purchase fuel, not only from Ceylon Petroleum Corporation’s filling stations, but also from Lanka IOC filling stations as well, the minister stressed.

However, the quota of fuel allocated to a vehicle is subject to change in line with the availability of fuel reserves in the country. A separate procedure will be introduced to supply fuel to essential services and public transport services.

The lawmaker stated that vehicles are registered under six categories used by the DMT: cars (including jeeps, SUVs and double cabs), motorcycles, three-wheelers, vans, lorries and buses.

Registrations are available from today (July 16) via the official website introduced by the ministry:

However, only the registrations will be allowed from today, Minister Wijesekara added.

The date of commencement of the fuel pass system will be announced in due time once the registration process is completed.

The lawmaker said there challenges are expected in implementing this fuel pass system, but the excessive use of fuel has to be curtailed, given the prevailing situation in the country.

National Fuel Pass Online Registration – Video Tutorial

National Fuel Pass Online Registration
  1. How to get Fuel pass?

    To get the Fuel Pass you have to visit and register with your mobile number and vehicle number.

  2. How to register for fuel pass?

    Follow these steps to register for fuel pass.
    1) Go to Fuel Pass Online Website.
    2) Click on “Register”.
    3) Enter “Personal Details”.
    4) NIC Number / Passport Number.
    Mobile Number.
    First Name.
    Last Name.
    Then Enter “Vehicle Details”.
    Vehicle Type.
    Vehicle Number.
    Chassis No.
    Finally You will get the “Fuel Pass QR Code”.

  3. How to get qr code for fuel in sri lanka?

    Go to Fuel Pass Website.
    Log in with Registered Mobile Number.
    Click Send OTP.
    Enter 6 Digit OTP.
    Then you can download National Fuel Pass.
    Click Download QR.Else Send QR to My Mobile.

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