How to Delete/Change National Fuel Pass

You can now delete your National Fuel Pass or Change Fuel Pass through Online.This feature will help to change your Fuel Pass QR code easily. Due to some complaints made to Minister regarding misuse of Fuel Pass QR code. This option enable now.

Request users of the National Fuel Pass not to display the QR code anywhere visible to others. Keep it in a secure place to make sure no one else uses it illegally.
The option to Delete a current profile feature is available now & the option to register again.


What is Fuel Pass?

The National Fuel Pass a QR Based Pass, introduced to provide the public a convenient and easily accessible solution to obtain fuel (Petrol and Diesel) and facilitate an allocation-based fuel distribution method,

How to Register Fuel Pass ?

The intended users are required to register via the website by entering the below mentioned mandatory information:
i. Valid NIC/Passport/ Business registration number.
ii. Mobile number*
iii. Vehicle number (according to the vehicle registration certificate)**
iv. Chassis number of the vehicle (according to vehicle registration certificate)**
v. Vehicle category (according to the vehicle registration certificate)**
vi. Fuel type
*This will be cross validated by a One-Time Password (OTP) shared in the form of a SMS to the provided mobile number.
**These fields will be cross validated with the Department of Motor Traffic vehicle registration database and any incorrect information will result in the registration being rejected.

How to Delete National Fuel Pass?

If you want to change your national fuel pass you can follow these steps.

  • First Login to Fuel Pass Website.
  • Then in the Right Bottom.
  • You will see “Delete My Profile”.
  • Click it.
  • You will ask to “Enter the Registered Mobile Number”.
  • Verify again with OTP.
  • Click Delete.
  • All done.

How to Change Fuel Pass QR Code?

After you complete the above procedure. Start the fresh registration process as earlier you did. You can register to Fuel Pass Very easily.

Note : Don’t Share the QR Code with any one.


When National Fuel Pass quota allocation renews ?

Fuel quota will be refreshed for the new week every Sunday at midnight.

How many vehicles can I registered under my profile?

This service will be limited to one vehicle per profile.

What if someone has registered my vehicle?

Visit the nearest administration office nominated Ministry for this service and produce the proof of ownership/usage in order to transfer the vehicle under a new profile.
Proof documents required;
β€’ NIC, Passport or Business Registration number
β€’ Vehicle registration

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  1. Previous person not given qr and I don’t have he’s number to delete the qr. To take new qr cord. What can I do now. Please πŸ™ help me out

  2. I have registered my vehicle as a new registration .i dont have Previous persons Mobile No. I don’t have his number to delete the qr. To take new qr cord. What can I do now. Please πŸ™ help me

  3. I dont have previous persons mobile no to get a new QR CODE .I am the new vehicle registration owner .please help to get a new qr code


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