National Fuel Pass Crosses 1,000,000 Registration

The National Fuel Pass was introduced on 16th July to provide fuel to the public in an orderly manner. So far, more than a million vehicle owners have registered for this.

However, there were some problems during the registration for this on the day of the introduction and the day after, and by now all those problems have been solved to a large extent and now it is possible to register for the National Fuel Pass without any problems.

You can see how to register for this National Fuel Pass in the following video.

How to Check Balance Fuel on National Fuel Pass

After you have registered for this, by visiting this website again, you will be able to know the amount of fuel you can get, the expiry date of that amount of fuel and the remaining amount of your fuel amount etc.

Also, you can check the relevant fuel quantity and the remaining fuel quantity in the following way. For this, you have to send a text message.

SMS to 0766220000 Type FUEL BAL Vehicle Number.

How to check fuel pass balance

For this, vehicles are included in 06 categories and are as above.

In addition to this, the Minister of Electricity and Energy has announced in a Twitter post that it will be improved in the coming days so that it can be used by businesses or institutions that use several vehicles.

Also, as announced by the Ceylon Petroleum Limited Corporation, from the 21st July , fuel can be obtained from petrol stations through the National Fuel Pass.

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