Xiaomi to become World’s Second Largest Mobile Phone Maker : You may recall that from time to time we bring you information about the competition among mobile phone manufacturers.

Although Samsung, Huawei and Apple have been able to outperform all other manufacturers in the mobile phone business for some time, the list has changed dramatically in the face of Huawei’s strong decline.

Second largest Mobile Phone Maker
Second largest Mobile Phone Maker

Previously, BBK Electronics was the world’s largest mobile phone maker, with the exception of Samsung and Apple.

However, according to the latest reports, Xiaomi has overtaken BBK Electronics and Apple to become the world’s second largest mobile phone maker.

Samsung still leads the way with 19% of the total market share in the second quarter of 2021, but their market growth is as low as 15%.

Xiaomi accounts for 17% of the market share, with a growth rate of 83% compared to the second quarter of 2020.

Xiaomi has increased sales of its products by 300% in Latin American countries, 150% in African countries and 50% in Western European countries.

Because of this, many analysts point out that Xiaomi will soon overtake Samsung to become the world’s largest mobile phone maker.

Apple grew by only 1% in the second quarter of 2020, with 14% of the total market, ranking third.

According to the quarterly report released by Canalyis, the number of smartphones currently on the market has grown by 12% overall due to the mitigation of the global COVID-19 virus. They point out that there is.

In particular, the average selling price of Xiaomi’s products in the market is 40% lower than the prices of Samsung’s products and 75% lower than Apple’s products.

In the case of Xiaomi, the company’s growth has been fueled by the launch of high-value devices and the huge popularity of its sub – brands Poco and Redmi in low – income countries, including India.

Second Largest Mobile Phone Maker

Second Largest Mobile Phone Maker

Source : GSM Arena

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