Google and Apple Owns Top Pre Installed Applications in Mobile

Top Pre Installed Applications : Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS are the two main operating systems in the current smartphone market . Samsung’s leading Android smart phone companies with Android OS and Apple’s iPhone with iOS in the market.

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According to a recent study, most of the pre-installed apps on all current smartphones are owned by Google or Apple.

Top Pre Installed Applications List

Top Pre Installed Applications
Top Pre Installed Applications

According to this information, about 75% of the preinstall and downloadable apps on Apple iPhones with iOS are Apple-made apps. About 60% of the preinstall and downloadable apps of various smartphone brands with Android OS are apps made by Google.

Google’s YouTube App and Gmail App are also among the top 20 most commonly used apps on iOS, as are Facebook’s Facebook and Instagram apps. Accordingly, out of the 20 most commonly used apps when considering an iOS device, 16 apps are Apple-made apps.

Facebook’s Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram apps have been among the top 20 most commonly used smartphones of various brands running on the Android OS. Samsung’s Samsung Calculator and Samsung Email Apps are also among the top 20 apps. These top 20 apps include 12 Google apps.

Source : The VergeXda Developers

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