YouTube New Feature : Preview Video with Audio

YouTube New Feature – Preview Video with Audio :Through the YouTube app you can already watch the preview of the video from the home page where you will not be able to watch the video preview along with the sound of the video.

YouTube New Feature
YouTube New Feature

But now Google is experimenting with a feature that allows the entire video to be played from the home page of the YouTube app, where you can see the video play with sound, as well as the ability to turn on subtitles and access the progress bar.

YouTube New Feature Demo

This feature is already available for some YouTube users to use, with two new buttons and a progress bar for videos on the home page.

New buttons are visible in the upper right corner of the video, making it easier to control audio and captions on the home page. The progress bar at the bottom also lets you easily skip to the desired locations in the videos.

It is also reported that the mute / unmute button does not work as expected, so it is safe to assume that this feature is still under development.

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