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At the Google I / O event on June 18, Google revealed that a number of new features will be added to the Google Photos service.

They hope to introduce the following features, including a secure folder for their personal photos and a special way to view other pictures.

What is Password-protected photos?

This feature introduces a locked folder for pictures introduced by Google, which allows you to open it with a password or biometric authentication, for example with the Fingerprint / Face-recognition feature on your mobile phone.

For example, if you do not want to keep the photos taken while you are trying to lose weight, this can hide those photos invisibly.
Google Password Protect Photo

This locked folder feature will be released first for Pixel devices and later for other Android devices. An additional feature of Pixel devices is the ability to save photos taken using the camera in a locked folder through the camera app.

Cinematic photos
Cinematic Photo

In December, Google unveiled a feature called cinematic photos, or cinematic images, which added a little motion to the photos to add 3D.

Google is currently working on further enhancing this feature to create a simple video-like, small video-like cenematic photo, with a few simple still photos that are intertwined.
Google Photo Cinematic

If you ‘ve used facebook photos like this before, you’ll probably seen the 3D Photo feature, but the specialty here is that these photos can be done more realistically automatically by Google (AI) artificial intelligence.

When taking photos, most people are accustomed to taking two or three extra photos. Google AI programs automatically detect identical photos and create more realistic animated 3D photos without wasting these extra photos.

Highlighting “Little Patterns”

Imagine if you were a fan of water drafting and wanted to make a photo of each of the photos you took while you were water drafting.

Named “Little Patterns” by Google, the feature automatically collects photos and creates an album.
Little Patterns

For example, if one assumes that one always wears an orange backpack when going on a trip, an album will be created under the title “Adventures of the orange backpack” that includes all the photos taken with the backpack.

Removing photos of people you don’t want

Google Photos will often show us the photos that we kept as our past memories again through the memories option.
removing photos

However, some people have introduced this new feature to remove that specific time limit from the memories option if they do not want to see their ex-girlfriend or boyfriend’s photos or photos with unpleasant memories when they open the Google Photos app again.

Google has confirmed that many of the more than 4 trillion photos stored on Google Photos have been re-opened or not stored by users in their personal accounts.

For this reason, they have introduced a new policy change for Google Photos, which means that many users will lose the free unlimited storage facility provided for Google Photos.

Google Unlimited free storage for Photos will expire in two days, June 31st, and if you are not a Pixel phone owner, keep in mind that future upload photos will be added to your 15GB storage.

However, as all photos uploaded up to June 21st can be retained for free, if you have photos to upload, uploading them within the next two days will allow you to save photos and videos without counting to the relevant storage cap.

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