How to Activate GitHub Student Package Using University ID?

Today we are going to talk about how to get GitHub student package using Campus ID.

Government universities as well as private universities have their own type of email. This is how the university affairs are officially conducted. So with these emails we can do a lot of unexpected work for free.

for example [email protected] how universities email id look like.

Create Free GitHub Account

  • Go to this link to Create GitHub Account.
  • Enter your Personal Email id first.
  • Enter a Strong Password and follow the steps.
GitHub with personal id

You do not need a campus email for this.

How to activate GitHub Student Package ?

GitHub Student Package
GitHub Student Pack
  • If you have already created an account you have to go directly to this link.
  • Then select Campus Student.
  • Now give your GitHub Email and log in.
  • Now you can see the form below.
  • Select your Email from here.
  • Enter your Campus Name and why you are using GitHub.
  • Click Continue.
GitHub Student Package email
GitHub Student Package email

Then you can see another form below. So all you have to do is fill in a photo of your campus ID and the relevant details. Then you have to do Process My Application.

GitHub Student Package ID upload
GitHub Student Package ID upload
Uni Information for GitHub Student Package
Uni Information for GitHub Student Package

Then in a few days when your account is created you will receive with activation.

Reference : GitHub in the classroom: not just for group projects

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