Samsung Loses In The First Case Filed Against Huawei

Samsung Loses In The First Case Filed Against Huawei: According to a report released a few hours ago, Samsung has lost a lawsuit between Samsung and Huawei.

The court ruled that Samsung’s patent lawsuit was not effective and specific. In this way, Samsung lost the first lawsuit against Huawei, rejecting Samsung’s request under the law.

Samsung has refused to accept the administrative decision in the patent dispute, which was announced by the Intellectual Property Court. Samsung has also filed an appeal against an administrative dispute over the revocation of an invention patent. Huawei has also filed a revocation with the Patent Review Board.

Samsung loses in the first case filed against Huawei
Samsung loses in the first case filed against Huawei

After a thorough investigation of this case, the court found that the patent dispute was a method of displaying the unique functions of the communication and communication equipment.

The court ruled that Samsung did not have the effective and unique features to claim the rights and that Samsung’s request would be denied by law.

What Samsung Loses to Huawei

In April 2017, Huawei filed a lawsuit against Samsung for intellectual property infringement, and the then-IP Court heard the case and ordered Huawei to pay 80 million yuan in damages.

On January 11, 2018, the Intellectual Property Court issued its first judgment against Samsung for infringing on Huawei’s patents.

Accordingly, the court ruled that Samsung had infringed on Huawei’s rights as a sales and sales pledge, and was responsible for the cost of production, sales and litigation, and would continue to ban infringing products.

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