New Telegram Update with New Features : Group Video Calls and More

Telegram has introduced a number of features, including a screen sharing feature and a group video calls feature, for the Telegram service, which is used by over 500 million people worldwide.

Group Video calls

Group Video calls Introduced to the Telegram service, the Group Video Calls feature has been introduced as an additional feature of the Telegram Voice Chat feature that we have previously informed you , but this Group Video Calls feature does not have the ability to connect to the unlimited number of users provided by Voice Chat. The size is limited to 30.

However, Telegram hopes to increase this number in the future, and Telegram has been able to make this Group Video Calls feature more attractive to the user with a simpler and more colorful look.

Screen Sharing

In parallel to the aforementioned Group Video Calls facility, Telegram has also introduced a Screen Sharing feature that allows users to easily access online Office Conference and Online Classes through the Telegram App, which allows users to connect their screen to Group Video Call. Ability to easily share with other existing users.

It also has the ability to share the screen with the camera feed as required and only the window of your choice when sharing the screen. In addition, it also enables game streaming via Group Video Calls.

Inbuilt Noise suppression


The new update also introduces a feature called Noise suppression, which allows you to filter out other external sounds while making a voice call via Telegram

Telegram points out that this feature is designed to be able to turn on the user’s needs, and that this feature allows for a clearer conversation, even in the face of noise.

Support for Tablet and Desktop App

The Telegram app for Tablets and PCs now also supports new Group Video Calls and Screen Sharing features, as tablets and computers have slightly wider screens so you can easily split the video feed of users connected to Video Call through a split-screen view into a grid. Here are some options to view as and as a list.

Also, the Telegram app for PCs allows you to share only the required program instead of sharing the entire screen.

Animated backgrounds

Also with the latest update, the animated backgrounds feature seen with the Telegram v7.8 beta version is being added to the stable channel, enabling the automatic use of animated multi-color gradient backgrounds in the chat background.

All these animated backgrounds are available by default themes. If you do not like the default themes provided, you can create your own animated backgrounds and share the custom animated backgrounds with your friends.

Telegram Video Calls feature is now available as a Stable Release with Telegram v7.8 on all platforms including Android, iOS, macOS, Telegram Desktop and if you have not yet received this feature, please update your Telegram App. You have the ability to experience comfort.

You can use the official Telegram Blog and Telegram Info website for more information.

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