Telegram Voice Chat 2.0 supports the ability to run a radio station via Telegram

Competing with other messaging platforms, Telegram, which regularly releases updates with new features, once again set a record in the history of messaging platforms for its users by launching the Voice Chat 2.0 feature that allows members to participate indefinitely.

In addition to the ability to engage an unlimited number of users, they also released a number of new features, including voice chat recording, Telegram channels, or Voice Chat that can be started through the Telegram channel.

Following the release of this update, Pavel Durov, CEO and Founder of Telegram, said in a message on his official Telegram channel that a TV station with Group Video Call and Video Streaming features could be expected with Telegram’s upcoming updates .

Thus, considering such upcoming updates, it is safe to assume that Telegram will be a good competitor not only for Messenging platforms but also for video conferencing applications such as Zoom.

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