Whatsapp View Once Rolling Out :Send Disappearing Photos and Videos

Whatsapp View Once Rolling Out Now you can Send Disappearing Photos and Videos on Whatsapp

WhatsApp has finally released a feature that is very useful for everyone today. Today, they have launched the “View Once” feature, which allows you to send messages more securely and privately.

This is currently provided to WhatsApp Beta users.

What is “Whatsapp View Once”?

We gave a rough idea about this “View Once” feature in a previous article, read it here. Photos and videos sent using this mode can only be viewed once, and they will automatically disappear from the chat once you delete the photo or video.

Mark Zuckerberg and Will Cathcart confirmed to WABetaInfo that this feature will be coming to WhatsApp soon. As WhatsApp said, this feature of WhatsApp was finally unveiled today for Android users.

View Once whatsapp button
View Once whatsapp button

How do I make sure this feature is already enabled for your WhatsApp account?

It’s very simple. If a “Whatsapp View Once” button appears when sharing media files, you can see that this feature is already enabled.

When you send photos and videos using the “View Once” feature, they can only be viewed once, and the recipient will notify you when they open them.

When photos and videos are set to “View Once” mode, the Media Files will automatically disappear once you close it.

Things you need to know when sharing a photo or video using “Whatsapp View Once”.

If you disable Read Receipts, the recipient will still see if you have opened a photo or video set via “View Once” mode. But you still do not see that the recipient has opened the Media Files you sent. Even if you have Disabled Read Receipts, you can still view it in a group when other participants open “View Once” photos.

The recipient can take screenshots or screen recordings of the photos or videos you send to him and save these files, and WhatsApp will not notify you of this as there is no Screenshot Detection feature for WhatsApp. So be careful when sending sensitive stuff!

View once feature whatsapp
View once feature whatsapp

You can also use this “Whatsapp View Once” mode to share media files to groups and see who opened them via “Message Info”.

Keep in mind that you can still open photos and videos in Blocked Contacts in Common Groups (in Groups where you and you have blocked Contacts).

Of course, they will not be able to send you messages or make calls to you, but they and your groups can chat with you normally.

If you send a photo to people who do not have this feature enabled using the “Whatsapp View Once” mode, its “View Once” mode is still active and they can only view it once.

This feature is available for all Android Beta testers today and if you do not see this feature, please wait for the next update to help you get that feature.

Others who are not involved in the beta program will only receive one-time view photos and videos.

For iOS Beta testers, this will enable Mode later.

Actually this is the most awaited feature all the Whatsapp users expected. I think if you are a Viber user you can recall Viber Introduced it first. Then later most of the social messenger services started to add this feature.

Finally Whatsapp releases to its Beta testers now and we can expect this feature officially to Android users first because Whatsapp beta for iOS still updated with feature.

So Android users you are going to enjoy this soon.

Source: – WABetaInfo

You can see the demo from this Youtube Video.

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