Is the End of Magisk Arrived? What John Wu Said

Google’s Influence on Magisk Creators Recruited at Google, the End of Magisk?

John Wu, the creator of Magisk Tool, a popular tool for rooting Android devices, has released a special statement via Medium. The purpose of this article is to give you a brief overview on the subject. Read this article to know more about Magisk.

John Wu, the founder of Magisk, was hired as an employee of Google. John Wu provided the above article in response to various rumors circulating on the Internet with the news. Its contents can be summarized as follows.

Magisk app is an open source project. Employees of a company like Google find it difficult to run such private open source projects. Those codes must be approved by the company’s top executives.

End of Magisk
End of Magisk

End of Magisk Means

Accordingly, it is proposed to make the following changes to the Magisk tool.

Remove MagiskHide

This feature was used to hide the fact that the Android device is a rooted device from other apps. For example, apps that do banking, etc., are usually not allowed to be installed on a rooted device. The reason for not allowing this is because it is accepted that it is unsafe to make such financial transactions on a rooted phone. But this MagiskHide app allows you to install banking apps that hide the fact that the device is rooted.

This service will be removed from the Magisk tool in the future. It is clear that this decision was made under the influence of top Google executives.

Remove Magisk Module Repo

One of the most intriguing applications of the Magisk Tool was the modular system for various purposes. These modules can do a variety of things, for example installing the Font Manager module allows you to change the fonts on your phone as you wish.

It has been decided to discontinue the Repository for this module in the future. The decision to remove this application, which is a unique feature of the Magisk Tool, is also regrettable. However, it does state that the required modules can be installed manually. You will then need to download the module from a third-party site and install it. This is difficult compared to the current methodology.

Bypassing of any kind is not possible.

Previously it was possible to bypass the SafetyNet test using the Magisk application. SafetyNet is a methodology that tests the security of devices. This SafetyNet test fails when the device is rooted and may not allow some apps to be installed. Magisk can fakely pass that test and then allow the installation of previously unapproved apps.

Introducing a new application called Zygisk.

This application is said to support Zygote. Zygote is a method used to run apps more efficiently on the Android operating system.

Magisk users around the world have hailed the announcement as a tragedy. You also need to understand the reasons given above due to the above explanations. Magisk is a traditional rooting tool of its kind, without the removal applications mentioned above. All the peculiarities contained therein have been removed as above. It’s easy to understand that the reason for this removal was the orders of the top officials of Google.


Using rooted customized devices is a strong resistance to Google’s profit making methods. It was therefore inevitable that John Wu would be subjected to such an influence. With John Wu joining Google, many have speculated.

However, Magisk is a FOSS project. That is, Magisk’s code is open. Anyone can get it and make changes. Now the only hope is that someone will get this code and keep developing and maintaining this Magisk app as it is. Everyone who uses customized devices, including myself, is hopeful that someone will come forward to develop this code.

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End of Magisk is not liked by most of android users and wait for some End of Magisk alternative.

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