TV Derana Youtube Channel Hacked

TV Derana Youtube Channel Hacked : Who Hacked TV Derana Youtube Channel ? The YouTube channel ‘TV Derana’, a YouTube channel owned by Derana, a popular TV channel in Sri Lanka, has been Hacked by an unidentified person this afternoon.

This has been confirmed by the Chairman of Derana Channel Dilith Jayaweera in a post on his official Facebook page.


In addition, Sajeeva Dissanayake, a leading social media analyst in Greece, had posted a Facebook message confirming this as follows.

How TV Derana Youtube Hacked?

They have changed the logo and description of the channel and are broadcasting a live program about cryptocurrency on the channel to its 3 million viewers.

Currently, the TV channel “TV Derana” has been renamed as Crypto News and it is reported that Derana has teamed up with YouTube to revive the channel.

Also, one of the fastest spreading news is that this was done through a stream key. But there is no way to change the name of a YouTube channel through a stream key and the news that spreads like that is false news.

Source : Ada Derana

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