YouTube Latest July 2021 Update Details

YouTube Latest July 2021 : Twitch is very popular for video streaming like live stream but it is not a popular platform among the general public all around the world.

YouTube’s latest update enhances some of the features of the Twitch and adds them to YouTube.

YouTube Latest July 2021

YouTube Latest Update Details

  • Youtube Clips
  • Subscribers Only Chat
  • Live Stream Polls

YouTube Clips

This feature is given to the viewers so that you can cut your interesting part of any video you watch (including live stream) in 5-60 seconds.

After cutting this part, you will get a shorten link for it. It gives you the ability to advertise the section to your friend or on your social media.

YouTube Latest Clips Feature

This clip feature must be enabled by the content creator, and is only available to gaming content creators who have exceeded the minimum subscription limit of 1,000 subscribers, according to YouTube.

However, it is reported that they are ready to provide this facility to all YouTube channel owners in the future.

Subscribers Only Chat

This feature is especially important for Content Creators. This allows you to join live chat only if you have subscribed to the live stream as well as the YouTuve Channel that streams that stream.

Needless to say, you will also be able to increase the number of your subscribers through this option, which allows you to customize this option from the settings under live chat in your Live Stream YouTube Studio.

Live Stream Polls

This feature is important for both creators and viewers. This allows you to create polls by asking questions from people who have joined your live stream.

Especially if you want to ask your audience questions about making a decision about a program during a live stream, YouTube latest update now offers the ability to do it in real-time.

Source : YouTube

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