How Xiamoi Rollout Updates

How Xiamoi Rollout Updates: Xiaomi can be introduced as one of the most popular smart phone brands worldwide at the moment. Xiaomi is one of the best low cost smart phone brands on the market right now.

When you buy a smart phone, a software update is something that gets everyone’s attention. In this article we are going to talk about how to get Global Stable Update for Xiaomi Smart Phones.

When an update comes most of the users going to search “Is it okay to do update MIUI 13?” , “Is it true that the battery goes down when you update to MIUI 13?”

How Xiamoi Rollout Updates
How Xiamoi Rollout Updates

I think it will be able to provide solutions to the same problems as our Xiaomi Smart Phone Users.

Xiaomi is providing the Stable Software Update for Global Released Smartphones in three steps. (Global Beta Updates have been discontinued)

How Xiamoi Rollout Updates

Pilot Testers (v12.0.0.X)

First of all, Pilot Testers should be given a Stable Update, not a Beta Update. Also, it does not have as many bugs as the Beta Update.

Xiaomi is the first company to provide a stable update to them. This update is not for non-pilot testers. Also, the average user can not download the update package from another source and install it through the Updater. There are definitely bugs in this ROM. Even if you do not have enough bugs to use, you can still have normal bugs.

After all the bugs in this Pilot Update have been reported by the Pilot Testers, it usually takes two to three weeks (the time may be more or less) to fix the bugs and create a stable ROM with less bugs that can be given to the average user.

How Xiamoi Rollout Updates
How Xiamoi Rollout Updates

Currently available Pilot Testers are MI 9, MI 9T Pro, MI 9T, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi Note 7 and Poco F1. It is expected that testers will be recruited for more devices in the future.

Also, bugs on devices that do not have pilot testers are checked by the developers who create the software. There is a chance to avoid some bugs. Therefore, the next step is to release the ROM that fixed the bugs.

Partial Rollout (12.0.X.0)

The Stable Update that fixes bugs found by pilot testers or developers is given back to Pilot Testers as well as random users.

When an update like this is given to a normal user, it has a short time. Therefore it needs to be updated during that time. If the update is not installed within that period, the opportunity will be given to another user. The device will not receive that update again during the Partial Rollout.

Now you can imagine the answers to the questions like “The update has arrived. When I try to update from Night Time it is not

The special thing about Partial Rollout is that if the update does not come, you can download and install the relevant update package through the Updater. But if you had a normal bug at the time of installing the Update Package and rolled back the update, you will not be allowed to install it through the Updater. There are no bugs that can be used in this Partial Rollout. There may be little bugs. Rarely can a medium sized bug be like two.

At that time, the update is rolled back. This means that the average user will not be allowed to install the bug until a new update is fixed. If there is such a bug, fix it and do this Partial Rollout first in the new Stable Update.

Public Rollout

About a week after the Partial Rollout, if there are no significant bugs, the ROM will be returned to normal users. This update will not be given once. This is also given from batch to batch. (There is usually a gap of one day between two batches or more in some cases)

Also, even if the region is changed, the update will not be received soon in the public rollout. In order to get the update, you need to release the update to the relevant batch for your device. If not, you need to get a separate update package and install it.

If you are not a tester, there is no need to worry about bugs when an update comes. You do not usually get enough bugs to use. Xiamoi Rollout Updates

Xiamoi Rollout Updates

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