Android Root injection tool Magisk John Wu joined the Android Platform Security team.

The most popular method of rooting Android devices around the world right now is to get systemless root access through Magisk, and its creator, John Wu, has now joined Google.

Appearing under the developer name topjohnwu, he created the Magisk root injection tool and ran it as an open-source project since 2016. He joined Apple in 2019 as an intern.

Primarily working on Apple’s Siri Core platform, he joined Apple’s Machine Translation team in 2020 as a full-time employee.

However, it is reported that he has left Apple to join Google’s Android Platform Security team.

He will support patrolling the security vulnerabilities of the Android OS, and he has helped millions of people gain root access using a vulnerability in the Android OS, and is now officially set to patch those vulnerabilities.

Even the SafetyNet API, a core security API used by security critical apps such as Banking apps, can be bypassed via Magisk, and even Banking app can be activated on Android phones rooted through Magisk.

However, he is well versed in core security elements such as the Android boot process, verified boot and SafetyNet, and by joining the Android Security team, he can look forward to the upcoming security updates on the Android OS.

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