Google Assistant Update Brings feature similar to Siri shortcuts

In 2019, Google introduced a compact or smaller UI to Google Assistant, which began with Pixel phones and will be rolled out to other mobile phones by 2020.

So far, the compact view has only been available in white and black, but Google is currently experimenting with other colors.

The XDA-Developers website also points out that this feature, which will most likely be introduced with Android 12, will be designed to support the user’s ability to select colors from their wallpaper and use notifications as a quick setting accent color throughout the system.

In addition, there are reports of My Actions, a feature introduced to Google Assistant that is somewhat similar to the Siri Shortcuts feature introduced by Apple.


Using this feature, the user can perform several pre-set actions with a single tap. For example, if you tap the Set volume to 50% action in the screenshots above, the volume of the mobile phone will change automatically to 50%.


The XDA-Developers website further states that this feature has been tested on a Sony Xperia phone running Android 11, but not enabled on a Pixel 4 mobile phone using the same Android version.

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