How to Hibernate App with Android 12 : New Leaks

How to Hibernate App with Android 12 : New Leaks
How to Hibernate App with Android 12 : New Leaks

It’s been a while since the Android 11 operating system’s release, but we are still getting information about its next version, Android 12, and the new features that will come with it.

The hibernation feature is a new feature that will be available, and this feature will temporarily reduce the size of the app that you do not frequently use on your Android phone, thus saving your phone’s storage.
No matter what type of Android phone we buy, we get many apps pre-installed with it, many of which are not used by many people, and some of which are occasionally used.

But whether you use it or not, the space occupied by that app is occupied until you uninstall those apps, so there is no doubt that you may have experienced the inability to install another app that you want.
This new app hibernate feature will be able to detect such apps that you do not use often and delete the cache of those apps automatically.

However, no official information about this feature has been reported yet. This update has only been confirmed by inline documentation of the Android Open Source Project or a class of code added to the AOSP source code.

As this new feature is still just news, a lot of information has not been revealed yet, and as more details about Android 12 are released soon, we will be able to know more about this feature.

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