Microsoft Windows 10X Set to Launch Soon.

Microsoft's Windows 10X Set to Launch Soon.
Microsoft’s Windows 10X Set to Launch Soon.

We mentioned earlier that this operating system is not designed for the average computer we use on a daily basis and will only be released with computers specifically designed for this purpose.

Although Microsoft has not yet released any new version of the new operating system, it is reported that a near-final release has just been released online.

The operating system is similar to Google’s Chrome OS, and is somewhat similar to the previous Windows 10S operating system, as the new Windows 10X operating system eliminates the need to run the usual Windows softwares, such as Win32 applications.

Although it is reported that this operating system is primarily designed for dual screen devices, it is learned that Microsoft’s plan has changed a bit.

According to Softpedia, the operating system will be launched with a single screen device in the first quarter of this year.

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