Dialog Data Packages 2021
Dialog Data Packages 2021

Dialog data packages 2021 or Dialog Wifi Data Packages: Dialog has revolutionized the telecom industry in Sri Lanka after launched their 4G services in 2013. Even though Dialog used to have the most affordable prepaid 4G recharge plans, all of their plans are not suitable for everyone.So here we compiled every single data plans of dialog to make it easy for you to choose the most suitable package for you. Here’s a list of all the popular data plans offered by Dialog along with their validity, benefits, and pricing.

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Dialog Data Packages

As of 12.01.2021 Dialog providing 10 Dialog data Packages based on the purpose along with their usual prepaid data cards.

  • Unlimited Netflix Plans
  • Video Conferencing Plans
  • Fun blaster
  • Work and Learn Packs
  • 4G Video Blaster
  • Data Blaster
  • Anytime Data
  • Daily rental packages
  • Night time packages
  • Time based packages.
Dialog Data Packages
Dialog Data Packages

Unlimited Netflix Mobile Data Plan

This plan provide unlimited data to stream Netflix on a mobiles for Dialog customers with 4G device and a 4G sim. You can stream Netflix on SD (480p), or HD(720p / 1040p) based on your plan. Details of the available plans are given below.

PlanQualityValidityAvailable forSpeed
Rs 590 + taxSD7 DaysPrepaid Upto 4Mbps
Rs 790 + taxHD7 DaysPrepaid Upto 8Mbps
Rs 1,490 + tax SD30 DaysPrepaid & PostpaidUpto 4Mbps
Rs 1,990 + tax HD30 DaysPrepaid & PostpaidUpto 8Mbps

Video conferencing Plans

Dialog introduced this plan exclusively for Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Zoom as a response for the huge demand created by Covid-19 for these products.

PlanData benefitsQualityValidity
Rs 16525 GB30 Days
Rs 540 UnlimitedSD30 Days

Fun Blaster

With this plan you can enjoy unlimited Facebook & WhatsApp along with additional Data for other apps & services.

PlanData BenefitsBonus DataValidity
Rs 97Unlimited-7 Days
Rs 347Unlimited2 GB30 Days

Work and Learn Packs

This one is similar to the Video Conferencing package but with more freedom to access many other sites. By activating this plan you can access Zoom, Google, Microsoft, YouTube, Education Apps and Web Browsing at amazing rates. And time limitation is not applicable for this package.

PlanData BenefitsValidityExtra Usage
Rs 49512GB30 DaysRs 0.30+tax / MB
Rs 99530GB30 DaysRs 0.30+tax / MB

4G Video Blaster

This plan allows Dialog customers to enjoy Unlimited YouTube along with an additional data quota for all the other internet usage. In addition to the above, streaming for ViU App will be free of charge.

PlanBenefitsAnytime DataBonus DataValidity
Rs 249Unlimited Youtube1.4GB2.1GB30 Days
*Anytime 4G Bonus : 0.7GB | Night Bonus : 1.4GB

Data Blaster

Data blaster plan allows you to enjoy to a combo pack with Anytime Data 1GB, D2D 250 minutes & D2D 250 SMS.

Anytime Data

Dialog also offers Anytime Data Plans for it’s customers those who don’t want to use Dialog’s usual time based plans. You can surf the internet anytime with this plan. And all of the anytime data plans comes with the bonus 4G data benefits.

PlanBenefitsBonus DataValidityExtra Charges
Rs 590.5Gb0.25GB7 DaysRs 0.30+tax/MB
Rs 1191 GB0.5GB14 DaysRs 0.30+tax/MB
Rs 2192GB1GB30 DaysRs 0.30+tax/MB
Rs 3994GB2GB30 DaysRs 0.30+tax/MB
Rs 99910GB5GB30 DaysRs 0.30+tax/MB

Daily Rental Packages

With this package you can get a data on a daily basis. And if you have already subscribed for the time based package, you are not eligible for this package.

PlanData BenefitsBonus DataValidityExtra Charges
Rs 5 + tax40MB60MB1 DayRs 30+tax/MB
Rs 10 + tax90MB135MB1 DayRs 30+tax/MB
Rs 20 + tax200MB300MB1 DayRs 30+tax/MB

Night time packages

If you like to be online in midnight, this is the most suitable package for you. You can use this package to access internet between 12am(midnight) to 8am.

PlanNight time DataAnytime DataValidity
Rs 953.63 GB302.5 GB21 Days
Rs 149960.5 GB6.05 GB30 Days

Time based packages

With Dialog time based / time bound package, you can access internet for a specified time or period.

PlanWithout Speed capSpeed Upto 512kbpsSpeed upto 64kbpsValidity
Rs 20First 500MB500MB - 2GB2GB Beyond1 Hour
Rs 60First 1GB1GB-4GB4GB Beyond4 Hours
Rs 100First 2GB2GB-8GB8GB Beyond2 Days
Rs 200First 4GB4GB-10GB10GB Beyond5 Days
Rs 400First 8GB8GB-15GB15GB Beyond10 Days

These Dialog Data Packages are here to stay while, so choose the best data plan from Dialog that suits your needs. And keep an eye on this page, we will update this one whenever dialog introduce a new data plans.

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