Google is Seeking a Patent for an under-display camera technology that uses a prism

In addition to the revolutionary look of Google’s Pixel 6 mobile phone, the launch of a foldable device has become a hot topic on the internet.

Adding to this is a 23-page patent application that they applied for.

This patent is required for under-display camera technology, which is a seemingly simple, yet practical technology that works with the aid of a prism or mirror.

It has a camera sensor on one side of the screen and a light fixture for the screen on the other side. Will be done.

The patent application was filed in mid-September last year and went online on May 6.

Although many technology companies seek patents for these new technologies, they are rarely applied to a consumer device in practice.

And while this technology is also being incorporated into Pixel phones, it is by no means expected that it will be incorporated into the next Pixel 6 mobile phone.

If it’s included in a consumer device, it’s likely to be integrated into Google’s foldable device or the Pixel 7 mobile phone that will be released next year.

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