How to Transfer Whatsapp Chat History : New Feature

WhatsApp is ready to transfer the chat history when switching to another platform

One of the major problems with switching from Android to iOS is the inability to sync WhatsApp chat history between two mobile phones.

The reason for this is to backup chat history using iCloud on iOS and backup chat history using Google Drive on Android, but WhatsApp is currently experimenting with that feature.

WhatsApp also offers the ability to migrate chat history when switching to an existing mobile phone on another platform that uses a new mobile phone number.

According to WAbetainfo, a website that tracks new features in WhatsApp beta versions, this option allows users to track their chat history not only when they have a new device from one platform to another, but also when they have a new phone number on their new device. Note that you will be able to move the chat history.


For example, if you change your phone number while switching from your existing Android phone to a new iPhone, you can transfer your existing WhatsApp chat history to the new device.

WhatsApp currently allows users to change your phone number without losing chat history, and also allows you to change your chat history at the same time if you switch to a new device or phone number.

But in this particular case, the new device – the OS of your old mobile phone must be the same, that is, if you switch between two iPhone models or two Android phones, this gives you the ability to transfer your chat history.

WABetaInfo reports that this feature is currently being developed on both WhatsApp for Android and iOS, but it should be noted that details on when it will be available to users have not yet been announced.

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