Google Brings Latest Digital COVID Vaccine Card for Android Users

Google Brings Digital COVID Vaccine Card for Android Users : Google has upgraded the passes system in the Android operating system to allow Android users to store a digital version of their COVID vaccine card on their mobile phone.

Thus, the digital vaccination card included here will contain information such as the type of vaccine given to the user, the location where the vaccine was given, and is designed to be used even when there are no telephone signals or at least.

Digital COVID Vaccine Card


The Passes API has already been released and developers of healthcare organizations, government agencies and organizations authorized by the public health authorities can use this API to create a digital card for COVID vaccination or test results. Has been given.

However, to use this feature, the device must have a version after Android 5 and must be a Play Protected certified device.

They further state that the data entered through this system will not be synced by Google and will not be shared with any third party or used for advertisements.

However, they will note the number of times the card has been used, and it is not necessary to have the Google Pay app installed to use it.

Google says the feature will be available primarily to US users and will be rolled out to all Android users worldwide in the near future.

Digital COVID Vaccine Card

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