Best Guide to Find Low Competition Keyword to Rank Top on Google

Hi Guys in this post We are going to see How to find low competition keywords for your websites in 2022 to rank on Top Google Search.

Let’s see you have a website and you want to rank your content on Google. If you create a content with random topic or keyword which already have a lot of competition. Then there is a good chance that your content will never appear on search results(SERP) 1st Page.

There are bigger sites which have already covered those Keyword with high Domain Authority or Ranking.

So to make your content appearing on search result. You need to find a which has a low competition and create a content for that keyword.

In this post We are going to see How you can find low competition keyword for your website easily and rank on Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Which can be easily ranked on Google.

So let’s get the process.

First We have to decide our Website Niche and start finding our low competition keywords.

For Example if you have a website/blog on Gaming Laptops Niche.

Finding Low Competition Keywords

We will divide this process into 3 Main Steps.

  1. Finding Keywords Which peoples are searching related to your website.
  2. Select the Keywords for which you are going to write the content.
  3. Find the Competition of Keywords

Step 1 – Finding Keywords

  • Open your Browser
  • Go to this Free Keyword Tool
  • This is the site going to help us to find keywords free keyword research tool free keyword research tool
  • Here enter the Keyword/ Website Topic in Your Seed Keyword Box.
    • Eg : Gaming Laptops is our website topic
  • Finally Click Search

After click search you will see different topics related to our website. These are the common topics / keywords peoples are using to search on Google.

Finding keyword

Step 2 – Select the Keywords

After finding the keywords, now we are going to pick the topics we are going to write easily in your blog or website

.You can select the Keywords from the list

Selecting Keywords
Selecting Keywords

You can see the above image . for Gaming laptops the tool generated 618 related topics from Google search.

From the left side column you can pick the desired Keywords you are going to write . I selected 15 Keywords from 618 Total Keywords.

and Save on a Notepad or Google Docs

Selecting Keywords

Step 3 – Find the Competition of Keywords

To find the competition of these keywords . We are going to do 2 Steps

  1. Create an account of Seo tool called “kwfinder

How to create an account on “kwfinder”

  • Go to kwfinder
  • Click create Free Account
  • Enter the Details (Email address and Password)
kwfinder free account
kwfinder account
  • After creating the account on kwfinder
  • Go to Seo Tools > KW Finder
  • Then Click Go to App
  • Then Click Import

To find the keyword competition

  • Copy the already save Keywords from from your Notepad or Google Doc.
  • Paste it on kwfinder tool.
  • Finally Click Process Keyword.
  • You will get a result like this.
kwfinder difficulty
kwfinder difficulty

The colour code indicate How difficulty is to rank this keyword. Look I selected “Best Budget Gaming Laptops” the difficulty seems 77/100 it means we have to work hard to rank on that keyword.

But “Best Gaming Laptops Under 1 Lakh” seems on light green 18/100 . This mean you can rank for this keyword easily.

“kwfinder” Keyword Difficulty Colour Range

  1. 0-14 – Easy
  2. 15-29 – Still Easy
  3. 30-49 – Possible
  4. 50-69 – Hard
  5. 70-84 – Very Hard
  6. 85-100 – Don’t do it
"kwfinder" Keyword Difficulty Colour Range
“kwfinder” Keyword Difficulty Colour Range

So we have to find a Keyword which score is less than 30.

find less comp keyword
find less comp keyword

You can see I highlighted two keywords with two colours red and green. Red highlighted keyword has a difficulty of 77/100 and the green highlighted keyword has a difficulty of 16/100 .

So if you pick the green one and make content you can easily rank on Google.

Now see the real game on Selecting low competition Keyword

Selecting low competition Keyword
Selecting low competition Keyword

So here you can see I sorted the keywords according the competition less to high.

I selected two keywords with red and green.

  • Best Gaming Laptops under 40000
  • Best Gaming Laptops under 1000 dollars

Apart from keyword difficulty/competition (KD) we have to consider the Monthly Search Volume also

in above case Best Gaming Laptops under 40000 has KD of 16/100 but Monthly Search Volume of 80. This mean this keyword has less competition and the less monthly search volume. Only 80 searches in a month.

Writing on this topic is not worthy but look Best Gaming Laptops under 1000 dollars has KD of 18/100 but Monthly Search Volume of 3800. This mean this keyword has less competition at the same time it has a good monthly search volume. Only 3800 searches in a month.

So writing on this topic will worth and make you rank on Google easily also.

Final Step – Writing Content on Selected Keyword

Keep these before on your mind before writing the content for better ranking on SERP.

  • Add the Actual Keyword you find as Title on your post.
    • Best Gaming Laptops under 1000 Dollars I will put this as my title of post.
  • Do a well research on the keyword.
  • Add Sub headings related to the keyword.
  • Use Short Paragraphs.
  • Add rich media like Images and Videos.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.

After you written a well researched content with above guide line. Just published it on the website.

Google will crawl your website and look into the article and If it’s find its worthy and simple to understand . You will be ranked on top of Google SERP.

How to Find Low Competition Keyword using Free SEO Tool

kwfinder is a premium SEO Tool. Currently it’s offering a 10 Day trail after that you have to pay for kwfinder.

If you don’t want to pay for kwfinder and want to find more low competition keywords. You can you an alternative tool which is free.

Finding Low Competition Keyword with “Semscoop”

  • Go to Semscoop Website
  • Select Keyword Tool
  • Select Import Keywords
  • And enter the Keywords we found in Step 1.
  • Enter you will find the Keyword difficulty for free.
Finding Low Competition Keyword with “Semscoop”

Now you know how you can find low competition keyword for free. Feel free to ask your questions

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