Earn Money With Youtube Shorts : Youtube Shorts Funds

Introducing a monetization feature called YouTube Shorts Funds that can make money for YouTube Shorts creators.

YouTube shorts is a new feature recently introduced by YouTube. YouTube shorts are already very popular for vertical videos, especially Tiktok and instagram reels. Until now, there was no opportunity to monetize such shorts and earn money through them.

But now we have introduced a new facility called YouTube Shorts Fund that can make money through YouTube Shorts. YouTube has set aside $ 100 million for this. So for the best YouTube shorts, the channels with the best Audience Engagement performance can get money monthly from this fund as a short bonus.

How to Earn Money with Youtube Shorts in 2022?

  • Intro to YouTube Shorts.
  • What are Shorts?
  • Why should you use Shorts?
  • How to create a Short.
  • Best practices for using Shorts
Youtube Shorts Funds

What is Youtube Shorts Funds?

There is also a post on the official youtube blog about this and you can easily create and upload a 60 second short video very easily as the YouTube app has the tools you need to easily create a YouTube short video.

Youtube Shorts Funds
Youtube Shorts Funds

YouTube shorts designers pay up to $ 10,000 a month, according to YouTube’s plans, depending on the quality of your short video, creativity and video views performance. Completion of the YouTube Partner Program is not required, especially for the monetization of YouTube Shorts. You can make money with this method not from advertisements but from the popularity of your shorts videos or the engagement of the audience.

To monetize a short video, your short video must be at least 60 seconds or less in quality, without copyright claims, and in accordance with YouTube’s Community Guidelines and monetization policies.

The YouTube Short Fund feature is also available in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. Youtube has stated that it will take action.

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