Whatsapp New Features 2021: Video Mute and Many More

With millions of users around the world leaving WhatsApp due to the new privacy policy that WhatsApp is about to introduce, WhatsApp is ready to update its platform again with a few new features.

Soon, when you send a video via WhatsApp, you will be able to mute it or remove the audio content from the video and send it, and the recipient of the video will receive the same.

According to a WA beta info report, users of the WhatsApp beta program are already experimenting with this new feature.

When sending a video via WhatsApp, there is now a Sounds logo at the bottom of the video seek bar, and you can mute or un-mute the video you send in advance by clicking or unclicking it.

In addition, WhatsApp is reportedly developing a multi-device support feature that allows users to log in to several different devices at the same time, which will soon be available to users.

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