Google Fit App Measures Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate with Camera

You may recall that in a previous article we informed you about how Xiaomi has come up with a way to measure the heart rate using the camera sensor on the back of the phone for its Mi Health App.

Also, some models of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series have already included this feature, and Samsung has taken steps to remove this feature from later devices after the Galaxy S10e.

Now Google is ready to give Pixel phone owners a similar experience, and Google is set to add a new feature to the Google Fit app that measures heart rate and breathing rate.

To measure heart rate, you need to place your finger on the camera sensor on the back of the phone, and the Pixel health app detects the color change that occurs as the blood travels and calculates the heart rate accordingly.

It also uses the phone’s selfie camera to calculate your breathing rate, and the selfie camera monitors your chest area up and down, thereby calculating how fast your breathing is.


According to an internal study by Google, the Respiratory Feature feature for people with and without abnormal health conditions is corrected to one breath per minute, with a heart rate reading of 2%, or 98%.

It is not yet known whether this feature will be available to all Android users in the future, but after testing whether the technology will work with the camera sensors on other Android devices as well as on cameras on Pixel devices, Google Many speculate that will determine.

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