How to Delete your Telegram account Permanently

Hey Guys Welcome we are back with another guide “How to Delete your Telegram account Permanently”. 

Well most of us started to use Telegram after the Whatsapp Privacy issue. But many of us not familiar with Telegram features. so we are going to show a feature that you all need.

Do you know how to delete your Telegram Account permanently ? Actually the answer is no. Yes you can’t delete your Telegram account in your mobile Device .

So then how can we delete it ?

You have to use “Web Telegram” to Delete your account . but Keep in Mind Telegram has a feature that If you are not access to your telegram account for six months. it will automatically delete your account.

Before you start this process, you should know that there’s no turning back after you delete your Telegram account. When you delete your Telegram account, you lose all your chat messages, Secret Chats, groups, channels, media, and more. Before you begin this process, we suggest you save all your important media and messages.

Let’s start the process.

First you should keep your Mobile Device which has installed Telegram. Because in this deletion process you have to enter a confirmation code. Which comes in your mobile.

We have provided the link to enter deletion process.

You will see the same Window like this.

Delete Telegram Account

Enter your Telegram Mobile Number and you will get a Confirmation code.

Sign In

You will see the confirmation code inside your Telegram app. Type the code here and sign in.

After you authorise , You will see the following Three options as same. Click on Delete Account.

The Telegram website will ask you whether you’re sure you want to delete your account. You can provide a reason for leaving if you want. Else Click the “Delete My Account” button to continue.

You will now see a pop-up message that asks for a final confirmation.

Double Check and Click Delete Your Telegram account. Don’t forget after this you won’t be able to Sign Up again for two-three days but you can sign up after these days.

Click the “Yes, Delete My Account” button to confirm.

That’s it . You have successfully deleted your Telegram account.

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