What is MIUI Pure Mode

What is MIUI Pure Mode : Apps Sideload capability is a must-have feature for every Android smartphone. However, due to the ability to sideload apps like this, there is a possibility of some malware entering the Android smart phone. For these reasons, Apple does not offer the ability to sideload apps for their iPhone.

MIUI Pure Mode

Considering this, Xiaomi is reportedly introducing a new feature called “Pure Mode” to prevent unauthorized sideloading of apps despite the ability to sideline apps. This new feature allows you to block the Apps Sideload feature on Xiaomi Smart Phones. This will not allow you to install apps that you download without permission.

Xiaomi has further stated that about 40% of the apps in their smart phones are apps that have not passed the security audit. About 10% of these have been identified as vulnerable apps.

What’s the Purpose of MIUI Pure Mode?

The main purpose of the Pure Mode feature is to prevent accidental apps from being installed and to minimize the risks to the phone caused by those apps. This Pure Mode feature is for beta users only and is limited to China. However, Xiaomi is expected to announce a release date for this feature for Xiaomi smartphones in the near future.

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Source: Android Authority

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