The Google Pixel 6 Releases on October 28th

The Google Pixel 6 Releases on October 28th : We told you that the next Google pixel devices will come with the Google Tensor Chip set. In addition, we told you some information that was leaked on the Google Pixel Device.


But Google has not officially announced the release date of this device before. However, unofficial reports on the internet have previously indicated that this will be released on September 13, probably before the release of the Apple iPhone 13 device. However, the latest reports indicate that Google will release this device on October 28th.

The Google Pixel 6
The Google Pixel 6

Jon Prosser, who works at Google, retweeted this twitter post posted by Phone Arena and asked them to re-examine it and publish official information.

After contacting several trusted sources of Jon Prosser, it was discovered that the Pixel 6 device will not be released on September 13th. He also says that the day before Apple’s launch event is not a good idea as a company.

As a result, Google has announced that it will be accepting pre-orders for the Pixel 6 device from October 19th. He also points out that this will also be available for purchase from October 28th.

Google has not yet announced a specific date for the #MadeByGoogle Event, but reports suggest that it is likely to be released on October 28th.

Then let’s meet with more information on The Google Pixel 6. Have a nice day!

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