WhatsApp Will be Fined 225 Million Euros

WhatsApp Will be Fined 225 Million : WhatsApp has been fined 22 225 million (over Rs. 53 billion) for violating user privacy policies. The fine was imposed by the Irish Data Protection Commission. This is the largest fine ever imposed by the agency, according to international news sites.

Through a lengthy investigation since 2018, the Irish Data Protection Commission has uncovered a breach of WhatsApp’s privacy policy, focusing on user privacy violations in the process of collecting, storing and distributing user data.

WhatsApp Will be Fined 225
WhatsApp Will be Fined 225

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, a popular social media company, and Facebook has also had to pay fines on a number of occasions for misusing personal data. WhatsApp, however, has denied the allegations and said it does not agree with the ruling. They say they have been transparent about user personal data.

However, looking at the history of Facebook and WhatsApp, it seems that they do not have good privacy policies. WhatsApp is currently the most used messaging service in the world, and in recent years there has been a huge outcry on WhatsApp with celebrity Elon Musk promoting Twitter as an alternative service to WhatsApp called Signal.

Despite the protests, WhatsApp has become the most widely used messaging service in the world.

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Sources: Yahoo News

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