Register Fuel Pass with Tax / Revenue Licence

Now you can Register Fuel Pass with Tax (Revenue Licence). For “vehicle number and chassis number mismatchICTA Sri Lanka releases a new update.

Now if you can’t register with your chassis number you can use your Tax or Revenue Licence Number to register.

Register Fuel Pass With Tax Now

Register Fuel Pass With Tax.

The process of registration for National Fuel Pass is same as earlier but you have extra options to enter the Tax Number instead of Chassis Number.

  • Go to Nation Fuel Pass Website.
  • Enter the Details.
    • NIC / Passport No.
    • Mobile Number.
    • Name.
    • Address.
  • Enter Vehicle Details.
  • If you get “vehicle number and chassis number mismatch
  • Enter Revenue Licence Number or Tax No.
  • Get the QR Code.

Past Updates Regard vehicle number and chassis number mismatch

Progress review meeting was held on the Fuel Pass QR system this morning. Proposals received from the public, complaints, tech Issues, new developments & islandwide roll out program from the 1st Aug was discussed. Registration with revenue license will be allowed from tomorrow.

Register Fuel Pass with Tax

Ministry of Power and Energy announced form tomorrow (31st July 2022). Vehicle users that cannot register for fuel pass with Chassis Number can register with Vehicle Tax or known as Revenue Licence.

Register Fuel Pass with Tax if "Chassis Number Mismatch"
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