OnePlus becomes a sub brand of Oppo Soon

Is oneplus owned by oppo? Yes Finally OnePlus becoming the sub brand of Oppo.

CEO Peta Lue said last week that OnePlus and Oppo were to merge, but did not specify how it would do so.

However, The Verge website revealed the latest details of the event yesterday, revealing that OnePlus is set to become a sub-brand of Oppo.

OnePlus and Oppo Agreement


Evan Blass, a popular tech leaker, mentioned this in a Twitter message based on an internal memo from OnePlus, and according to the memo, OnePlus will continue to operate as an independent entity, even if it is named as Oppo’s sub brand.

Peta Lue, currently the CEO of OnePlus, will be Oppo’s Chief Product Officer with responsibility for overall production strategies.

Although not so well known, the two companies have already merged their research and development division.

However, OnePlus users should not be alarmed by this, as it does not make any difference in the way it currently affects OnePlus users.

OnePlus will also not use Oppo’s ColorOS Android skin, making it a sub – brand of Oppo, but this decision will not affect the identities that Oneplus has maintained so far.

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