Metro: Last Light Redux Download free on GOG Store.

Meto last light redux
Meto last light redux

GOG is offering a free remastered version of the Metro: Last Light Redux game.

This is limited to 48 hours, but once you get the game you will get it for life. It is also non-DRM compliant, so you can easily copy and play the relevant files to another computer without the GOG launcher.

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To do this,

  1. first go to, login / register, then return to your home page and click on the Metro: Last Light giveaway banner.
  2. You will then see a confirmation message similar to the one above, and you will receive a relevant email to your email address.
  3. Then you can go to your Games page and download it.
  4. Then you can go to your Games page and download it.

It is safe to say that CD Projekt is once again trying to win the attention and love of computer enthusiasts around the world by offering such a great game for free.

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