FriMi: What is it? How does it work?

Frimi Logo
Frimi Logo

FinTech is growing day by day and most of the Srilankan companies are starting to adopt it into their Businesses. Even banks are competing with startups on this matter. Nation Trust Bank(NTB) – one of the finest Srilankan bank, jumped onto the bandwagon.

By launching the FriMi app they became the first digital wallet provider. We tried the app personally and it’s worth to call a lifestyle app. With the ability to pay, shop and request it became a must-have app. 😉

In this blog post, we will discuss FriMi’s features, pros, and functionalities. And honestly, don’t expect journalism style write-up here.

What is FriMi?

FriMi is basically an e-wallet which allows its users to do few financial related tasks digitally. Here is the list of tasks that can be done through FriMi in a hassle free way.

P2P transfer: Aka Peer to Peer transfer. One FriMi user can do financial transactions with another person who has an account in FriMi.

Shopping: FriMi provides one Virtual Debit Card for each customer. You can use that to do online transactions.

Payments: You can use your FriMi app to pay your utility bills and offline payments on the local vendors who accept FriMi.

Banking: Once you successfully registered with FriMi you will get a savings account with interest. Hell, yeah. 😀

Will it help you to get rid off from your wallet? No. 😛 Because we don’t use wallets just to use carry our atm cards, aren’t we?

Funs apart here is the big question.

How to start with FriMi?

FriMi is a lifestyle app. Why? Very simple. It just helps you to adopt a new lifestyle with cashless transactions. If you have a smartphone with the internet connection, you can get started with FriMi.

  1. Download and install the FriMi app from Google play store or App Store.
  2. Once installed you can start registrations process. Registration can be done with just four steps.
  3. Smile for the camera. Take a selfie and upload. It will be your profile picture.
    Tip: You can change it later. So, no worries.
  4. Upload NIC/Passport/ Driving license.
  5. Give some more details about you and double check your NIC / Passport / Driving License number.
  6. Enter your preferred FriMi ID, PIN, and a name for your device.
    Tip: FriMi ID should be unique. FriMi ID is 10 digits long and first 4 digits will be 2222 you have to select next 6 digits.
    PIN – It is 4 digit number which will be your password while login into the account using the device.
    Device name – Just give some random and easy to remember name to your device.
  7. After completing above steps you will receive an OTP number to your mobile. Just give the OTP to FriMi and finish your registration process.
  8. They will review your application and call you for verification. Once you completed everything you are ready to go.

Adding money to FriMi

Adding money to FriMi is easy-peasy work. They have plenty of options to add money to your FriMi account. Few are

  • Using FriMi cash token.
  • Using Debit/Credit Cards.
  • Direct deposit to your FriMi account from nearest NTB bank or NTB CDM machine. I tried loading money using the NTB CDM which is located within our campus premises and it worked fine without any issues. frimi-cdm-deposit
  • Getting money transferred through FriMi agents.
  • Online transfer from other banks to your FriMi account. (This will cost you extra 50Rs)
  • Tip: One of my friends sent money from his NTB online banking account and I got it in the real time. 😀

What are the features of FriMi?

FriMi came up with a lot of features. I won’t cover every feature it has, instead I’m just covering the most important features of FriMi and let other features for your search. Hope it will help you to get handy with FriMi.

Digital Wallet: It is allowing you to keep the money digitally. You only need a smartphone with the internet to carry your money.

Note: I won’t say “You don’t have to carry your cards or money with you” at this moment. As FriMi is new to the market most of the people are not aware of FriMi and only a few merchants are accepting it. But, trust me I will update this post in near future with the above line.

Utility Bill Payment: Paying utility bills became ease with FriMi. They are supporting payments for more than 20 utility providers.

Money Transfer: FriMi will allow you to transfer money to different FriMi or bank account and even to contacts on your mobile phone! How cool is that?

Open a savings account: You will get a savings account in NTB. If you already have an account with NTB then your FriMi account will be connected with it. There is no minimum balance thing for this account and you will get an interest based on your balance.

Token: FriMi replaces the cash cheques with the Token. It is a unique numerical code which you can use through the app, NTB ATM, NTB branch or with authorized merchants. Remember tokens are valid for 24 hours only.

Next thing,

How much money can you keep in your FriMi account?

There is no limit for keeping the money. You are allowed to keep any amount of money in your account. But there is a limit for total transactions per day. If you are a fully-fledged user you have a daily limit of Rs1,000,000.

FriMi Contact

You can reach them at below methods,

From my experience, there really isn’t anything to complain about when it comes to FriMi support. They have good faq page in their app and site, plus the call centre representatives do their job very well (at least the one person I spoke to).


FriMi is your piece of cake if you love new technologies and like to adopt a new cashless lifestyle. Hopefully, you will find this article useful enough to decide whether you need it or not. In case you have questions or you are not able to understand something, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section and we will revert back to you.

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