Best Sinhala – English Dictionary Download

English - Sinhala Best Dictionaries
English – Sinhala Best Dictionaries

English is an international language, so we should learn about that is necessary. Sometimes we may don’t know the meaning of a word, so we refer dictionaries to find the sense of the word. There are lots of dictionaries in the world for every language. Today I am going to mention some English-Sinhala dictionary.

1.1 What Is A Dictionary?

A dictionary is a book or electronic device which describes words & phrases by alphabetical order & also giving information about that particular word.

1.2 Why We Need A Dictionary?

  • It gives you the definition of any words in a particular language that you are searching.
  • It also gives pronunciation & spell of words or phrases.
  • You can check a word which is a noun or verb & singular or plural.

There are lots of dictionaries in the world to find the meaning of your words in every language. Today I’m going to mention some dictionaries which are used to find the Sinhala meaning of your English word. We have lots of Sinhala-English dictionaries in the world. Let’s see what the best are.

Madura is the best dictionary to find Sinhala meaning for your English words.If you want to know the Sinhala meaning of an English word, you can check Madura dictionary.It includes more than 200,000 words. You can find your words in different categories such as law, medicine, engineering, science, space exploration, arts &, etc. Go to your browser top bar & type or click here use the Madura dictionary.

You may ask, Do we have only one dictionary to see the Sinhala meaning of an English word? The answer is wrong.


What if a person likes to keep a dictionary with his computer?

Then you can download that from here. It’s specially designed for windows based computers. After you download the setup file, install it. Then you don’t need an internet connection to search your English words to get the Sinhala meaning.

But not everyone likes to use browsers or computers. Some people like apps more than browsers. If you are using android mobile, then it’s easy to find the Sinhala meaning of the word by Madura & Bhasha dictionary apps. You can download that in your play store.

Download Madura Dictionary For Your Android Phone

Download Bhasha Dictionary For Your Android Phone

That’s it. If you have any doubts or questions, put that in the comment section. We’ll reply you as soon as possible. Stay tuned for another post. Have a nice day. Happy Browsing!

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