How to Send Photos on Whatsapp without Compression

How to Send Photos on Whatsapp without Compress :WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging app but some of the features provided in other instant messaging apps like Telegram which are in competition with WhatsApp are not seen in the WhatsApp app.

One such feature that WhatsApp users have been waiting for for years is the ability to send photos without compression.

whatsapp photo compress
whatsapp photo compress

Currently, WhatsApp users are tempted to use alternative methods such as sending photos as Documents or uploading photos to a cloud storage and then sharing the link if they want to send photos without being compressed on WhatsApp.

However, the latest WhatsApp update gives hope for sending photos without compression.

The latest WhatsApp Beta update builds the foundation to allow users to send photos without over-compression. Accordingly, WhatsApp has added three options for users to choose the quality of a photo when sending it. Those three options are,

New Photos on Whatsapp Sending Option

  • Auto (Recommended): WhatsApp can use this option to decide whether or not to compress photos according to your network speed.
  • Best quality: This option can be used to share photos in the best quality. However, it is not yet clear whether the WhatsApp app will make any kind of compression to the photo, or share the photo in its original quality.
  • Data Saver: This option can be used to compress photos to save data and storage space.

How to enable Photo Compression on Whatsapp

  • Go to Setting on Whatsapp.
  • Then Click Storage and Data.
  • You will get a pop up – Auto (Recommended) , Best quality , Data Saver.
  • Select your option press ok
Photos on Whatsapp New Option

The ability to choose the quality of this photo is currently under development and may not be accessible even to users with the latest update. This feature will be available for Stable Release after the first beta version arrives.

So this feature help to send Photos on Whatsapp with quality lost very soon.
Photos on Whatsapp

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