How Long OnePlus Provide Android Updates for Flagship Devices ?

As you may recall, we reported to you last month that OnePlus has partnered with Oppo. Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, said: “The merger will enable OnePlus to better serve its customers. He added that although OnePlus has merged with Oppo, the OnePlus brand will operate independently.

In the future, OnePlus ‘OxygenOS and Oppo’s ColorOS’ Codebase will be merged with Oppo. With the integration of OS Codebase, OnePlus has introduced a new update schedule for their smart phones.

OnePlus Update
OnePlus Update

Accordingly, they have officially announced that they will provide Major Android Updates for OnePlus Flagship Devices for up to three years as well as Security Updates for up to four years.

Accordingly, the new update schedule they have introduced for OnePlus devices can be categorized into 04 categories.

OnePlus devices can be Categorized into 04 Categories.

01. OnePlus Flagship Devices

All OnePlus flagship devices released from the One 8 Series to date will receive three Major Android Updates as well as Security Updates for four years.

02. OnePlus Nord & Nord CE Devices :

The first OnePlus Nord device will receive two major Android updates for the latest Nord and Nord CE devices, as well as security updates for three years.

03. Nord N series

OnePlus N10, N100 and all OnePlus N Series devices will receive a major Android update as well as a security update for up to three years.

Flagship Devices Released Prior to the OnePlus 8 Series

That is, all OnePlus flagship devices released before the OnePlus 8 Series will receive two major Android updates as well as security updates for three years.

Source : OnePlus Forum

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