GoPro Hero 10 Black Launced By GoPro

GoPro has unveiled their latest action camera GoPro Hero 10 Black with a host of new features. With a new processor, more frames per second (for a better slow-motion experience), better stabilization, and the ability to upload video automatically when charged.

As a result, the GoPro Hero 10 Black camera is now able to respond faster and faster.

GoPro Hero 10 Black
GoPro Hero 10 Black

It has been reported that this camera has a frame rate that is twice as high as the Hero 9.

  • It has a 5.3K resolution video.
  • Capable of recording 60FPS (video that can store 60 images at 5.3K resolution per second).
  • 4K 120FPS and 2.7K 240FPS.

The Hero 9 was only able to record 240FPS in 1080p.

They say the new processor, called GP2 (the GP1 processor that has been around since the GoPro Hero 6 Black) made such a big difference. They claim that it is compatible with the processors used in smartphones.

GoPro Hero 10 Black
GoPro Hero 10 Black

When it comes to a smartphone, being able to upload video to the cloud while charging can also be considered a big step for a camera.

With the GoPro subscription service you can buy cloud storage for $ 5 a month or $ 50 a year. Also, if you buy with the subscription, the price of the cameras will go down.

The Hero 10 Black Cloud is priced at $ 100.

GoPro Hero 10 Black
GoPro Hero 10 Black

Most countries like Sri Lanka do not want to add a GoPro bill in addition to the existing bill. But you can still transfer video to your smartphone as before, 30% faster than before.

It can also be done more securely over a cable (which is still the best way to exchange data).

Video stabilizing, a good trump card from GoPro, has also been further improved for the Hero 10 Black. Now you can rotate the camera up to 45 degrees so that the video is straight.

But the maximum setting to get this horizon leveling feature is only 4k 60FPS (with more, right?)

GoPro Hero 10 Black
GoPro Hero 10 Black

There have also been minor improvements to normal photography. Megapixels have been increased from 20MP to 23MP, and 19.6MP and 15.8MP still frames are available for video (5K 4: 3 and 5.3K60, respectively).

GoPro claims that almost all of the add-ons supported for the Hero 9 can be used with the 10, and the stock lens has also been upgraded to be more water resistant and scratch resistant. It will also receive another major software update on November 16th. They claim that this will support GoPro’s Max lens mod.

Becca Farsace, the video director of The Verge website, posted a review of the new camera. Here are some of the things she said:

GoPro Hero 10 Pros

  • 5.3K 60fps and 4K 120fps.
  • Faster photo and video recording facility.
  • Support for Hero 9 add-ons.

GoPro Hero 10 Cons

  • That it is expensive.
  • Average battery life.
  • Footage taken in low light conditions has a grain (dotted nature) and is smooth.

In the end, she said that switching from an older version of the GoPro 8 or higher would make a big difference, but switching from the Hero 9 Black to this new camera would not make a big difference.

Maybe more advanced models will come with this new processor.

Source : The Verge

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