XDM Download Manager Best Alternative for IDM

XDM Download Manager : Internet Download Manager, so who knows. Most of us call it IDM. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to buying a computer. But a little mess, do we use it legally?

No, this is the month when you can legally use IDM for free. After that it is used to crack.

Yes, they use it to crack IDM knowingly or unknowingly. Why not try a free, better download manager without cracking?

That is the software called XDM or Xtreme Download Manager. I have been using this for about a year now in Linux, Debian based distro without any problems. It has the same browser integration features as IDM.

XDM Download Manager
XDM Download Manager

The specialty is that this is a Java app, that is, a software written using the Java language. So it has Platform independent quality, which means it can run on any platform if it has Java Runtime Environment. (Most Linux distros send the JRE.)

To make things easier, the developer of this app has provided an installer for Windows operating systems. Therefore, you can download and install a normal app on Vivi. I installed and tested this software on Windows as well.

Like in IDM, the file we download is broken down into parts and downloaded. So there is no difference in speed.

XDM Download Manager
XDM Download Manager

So why talk more, just download this software for yourself. Below I will give a link to the XDM Official site.


Come on, you win!

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