Whatsapp Voice Status Coming Soon

Last year, the Whatsapp company worked to provide some new facilities for Whatsapp users all over the world as soon as possible. Under those facilities, Whatsapp Community facility, 2GB Large Documents sharing facility through Whatsapp, ability to participate for 32 users at the same time for Video Call and many other updates are coming very soon. You are already aware that arrangements have been made to provide.

However, on July 13 of last year, with an article reported by the WABetaInfo website, it was reported that the ability to provide Voice Note for Whatsapp Status is being provided in the future, and it is being gradually provided for Android and IOS phones.

Whatsapp Voice Status feature

As mentioned above, the Voice status facility is now available and you can record a voice note within 30 seconds, you can listen to it again before sending it and you can also discard it. Received through this.

Whatsapp provides end-to-end encrypted facility as mentioned by the company and this works in the same way as normal Photo and Video status. This will be removed as a normal status within 24 hours and you can set your status privacy settings as you like.

This can be recognized as a facility that is still being developed, but recently, the WABetaInfo website has decided to permanently provide users with the voice note facility for Whatsapp Status along with the Twitter message. While it was mentioned that it can only be seen among a selected group of WhatsApp Beta users, it was also mentioned that it is possible to get it for other people in the future.

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