What is UPay & How to Earn Money from UPay app?


In this pandemic time, people face so many unfortunate circumstances without a proper job or income. 

So everyone is already surfing the internet to find small or part-time jobs to fill their current income issues. 

That’s why we’ve come up with a simple way to make a couple of thousands (2K to 10K) with ease using a simple app called UPAY. 

Yes, you’re right that I said a couple of thousands. I’m not going to lie to your face that you can earn in thousands. 

But, still, it’s money.

And as far as I know, you can earn with the UPAY app around 10K per month if you know where to tap. 

So, let’s make some bucks, people 🙂 

Before we begin, we need to know what we’re getting into ourselves. 

What is UPay app from Sri Lanka? Who owns UPay? 

Upay is nothing but an online money transaction app available for both Android & iOS.

Like the Frimi, by Nation Trust Bank, SDB is powering the UPay. So, SDB owns UPay.

The app was released on Jan 14, 2018, and they are still improving the app and releasing updates. So it’s pretty much alive. 

It has 3.8 out of 5 ratings in the Play Store and 4.2 in the App Store.

Still, the UPay app is receiving some reports about the function and features of the app.
But I hope they are working on fixing every issue users encounter one by one. 

Features of UPAY – How to use UPay to simplify your financial tasks?

upay app
  • USell – Sell your goods and services
  • Tipping – Tip someone or reload
  • UBuy – Foods and groceries, currently baby essentials
  • Channel a Doctor – Book a doctor
  • Banking – Maintain your SDB account.
  • UTM – Not available yet
  • Mobile Payments/Pay Bills – Bill payments including EB, SLT, Dialog
  • Request Money – Ask for money from your friends and check if anyone asked you. 
  • Fund Transfer – Transfer cash.
  • Credit card settlements – Add your credit cards and pay the monthly due. 

There is nothing new features here. But we can expect more in the future.

Trust – Is UPay a scam?

is upay scam

So now it’s time to know the answer to an important question “Is the UPay app a scam like some other online fraudulent apps?”.

Well, NO

As one of the oldest banks in Sri Lanka, SDB is powering the UPAY. It is unlikely to think, UPAY could be a scam.

Because this bank was licensed and established in 1997. After a decade, three top-tier global organizations: the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO), and SBI Holdings, invested in this bank to expand. 

After that, SDB became one of the top corporate banks in the country around 2019. 

How does this earning system work? 

upay review

UPAY provides a referral system to the users to make some money. 

When someone installs the UPAY app through your link, you will get a commission for every transaction.

How long can I earn money from UPay? 

Not long, I believe, but you can earn as much as you can while it’s here. There is no limit to profiting. 

So why not give it a try? But there is something you must know

The reason I hope so is, this is one of a marketing strategy. When SDB gets enough users for UPAY, these earning systems will be gone. 

Back in 2018, Frimi provided unbelievable cashback offers on everything and free cash transfers at the start. But after they got sufficient customers, it’s gone. 

That’s normal but, I’m telling you this so you wouldn’t get your hopes high. 

How to earn money from UPay app Sri Lanka? 

  1. Download UPay & Register your account with easy steps.
    Download UPay
  2. Set up your wallet & start transacting. ( You must do at least one transaction like reloading, paying bills, movie ticket booking, or even a merchant QR transaction to start your earning from UPay)
  3. Go to your Home screen on the UPay app and click on Earn Money
  4. Click on invite friends at the bottom of the screen
  5. You can choose the option according to your convenience. 
    • Share Link – You can use this to promote your referral links through blogs, social media, and anywhere online. 
    • Show QR – You can generate a QR code and show it to your friends so that they can scan it. 
    • SMS – Send someone a message with your referral link. You can only send the link to one person at a time. 

Bonus – How to earn the maximum out of the Sri Lankan UPay app?

Now that you’re on board, how can you make your friends use the UPay app to simplify their transactions, and at the same time, you can also earn a lot?

Well, here we’re going to tell you some marketing strategies you can follow to refer UPay to your friends. 

1. Word of Mouth

It’s is a simple and most effective method in marketing. 

First, roam around the app and get familiar with it. One day is quite enough to understand the features of the app. Now, tell your friends how you feel about the potential of the app and its features.

2. Convert time passing social media to an advertisement channel.

We all spend time on FB, WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other social media as entertainment. But do you know that small to big enterprise owners use these platforms to promote their business worldwide?
Yes, and they get more profits than we can imagine using these social media.

So why not us? 

Here are some texts you can use to promote your referral links on social media.

Simply write,

  • Finally, found a simple source to make some bucks. + your referral link
  • I’m finding this app very useful. Why don’t you guys try it? Here is the link. 
  • Do you want to earn money like me?  + your referral link
  • So simple to make money. Get the link, share the link, sit back and wait. Wanna try? 

These are some sample texts you can share on your social media to get more referrals. But you can do way better than this, and you can also find some attention-seeking sentences on the internet.

At last,

These are some quick marketing tips. But a simple search on google like ” best way to promote referral links” will bring you more ideas and unique ways you can use in the promotion of the UPay app.  

If you have any hesitation about using UPay, feel free to contact them, or you can comment here. We will do our maximum to help you. Cheers

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