What is Clubhouse App? A New Social Media App

What Clubhouse app is everyone using? How to get an invite?

Simply It is an invite-only, audio-based app. It enables us to gather and talk around with people with the same interests.

Like listening to someone else’s phone call with their permission.

Here’s what you need to know about Clubhouse for iPhone and Android, including how Elon Musk figures into its popularity.

Image Credit:BRAZIL – 2021/02/08: In this photo illustration the Clubhouse logo seen displayed on a smartphone screen. (Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Do you ever think, What is Clubhouse app? and Why it suddenly being on-trend on the internet? Elon Musk, the world’s richest man(now) make some attention to this app. Later it followed my Bill Gates too.

Clubhouse App History

A simple question should arise about the history of Clubhouse app and When the Clubhouse app created or came to the public?

In 2020 this app launched. It is an invite-only app. But the recent growth of the clubhouse app and its stock market values is incredible than expected. 

When did it Launch?

Clubhouse launched (along with COVID in the US!) in March 2020.

After all, the company behind Clubhouse—Alpha Exploration Co.—received a $12 million investment from Andreessen Horowitz after two months of existence. It was quickly worth $100 million—and it only had 1,500 users at the time. (Valuation for Clubhouse as of April 2021: $4 billion.)

It makes the developers release it as a public app very soon.

What is Clubhouse app?

Twitter to tweet something in short and sweet, Think about Instagram you brain show images, Facebook is around the face but Clubhouse is something innovative and different. It is forged around Audio Conversation.

Zoom, Today’s world-leading app to make us our business and educations still alive in this pandemic. While using Zoom we should aware of eye contact, awkward walk-ins, naff backgrounds, and dressing up for digital conversation.


Clubhouse makes it so simple you don’t worry about anything regarding your physical arrangement before a conversation. You can solely on a conversation without any interferences. 

Clubhouse App is an Audio Based Social Media

Clubhouse app icon PNG Download

I’m able to find the Clubhouse App icon PNG 32x32px from the joinclubhouse.com official site.


Who owns the Clubhouse app?


Alpha Exploration Co.

Clubhouse / Clubhouse App a suddenly created trend among Silicon Valley.Some top venture capitalists who invested in the parent company Alpha Exploration Co. within just a few months. Andreessen Horowitz first bought shares valuing the company at $100 million and then again at ten times that price.

How/Where to Buy clubhouse app stock?

How do you get notified when the clubhouse app would get publicly traded?Many people seem to be interested in buying stock?

What’s the name of the stock for the Clubhouse app


I found these questions on Reddit while researching on Clubhouse app stock trading. 

After my research, I found that No Clubhouse stock yet. They’re a freshly-founded startup, so they’re still a private company. Andreesen Horowitz just made a large investment in them, but I don’t believe Andreesen Horowitz is publicly traded either.

So If any body ask Can I buy Clubhouse stock ?

Simply , No is the answer.

How to Invest in Clubhouse App

Clubhouse app stock
Clubhouse app stock

The above stock market belongs to the wrong Clubhouse. This Clubhouse stock that is currently mooning is pink-sheet Clubhouse Media Group Inc, It is a china-based Company providing Medical Care items.

So beware of it.

How to use Clubhouse App ?

It is available on App Store as well as in Playstore now. Clubhouse Android App rollout in early May. As of May 21, it’s available on Android worldwide, and downloads of the Android version crossed 1 million in less than two weeks. 

After download with an invitation, you can join. After that

  1. Get an Invitation and accept it.
  2. Pick your favourite topics and follow users.
  3. Set up your profile.
  4. Scroll through the homepage.
  5. Use the Explore page. (find more users, clubs, and rooms).
  6. Join clubs.
  7. Start a club.
  8. Enter a room.
  9. Request to speak.
  10. Add friends to a room.
  11. Leave a room.
  12. See upcoming rooms.
  13. Invite friends.

How to Use Clubhouse App on iPad?

You can download it on your iPad.Unfortunately Clubhouse is not optimized for iPad. It looks so fishy on the iPad and you can use it.

clubhouse app store download stats
app store download stats

How can I use Clubhouse Room / Feature through the Website?

No, you can’t use clubhouse features through the website. joinclubhouse.com is the official website. You can only find Clubhouse Andriod and the iOS App download option only.

What is the clubhouse room members limit?

The current limit is 5,000 people per Clubhouse room. Maybe in future, it can be increased.

How can I get a Clubhouse free invite code?

All you need first is Patience.

  • Originally, each new member was allocated one invite.
  • You will get 3 more free clubhouse invitation codes. If you joined through an existing member invitation.
  •  Send it to your friends to join with you. 

How To Follow Your Friends/Contact or People in Clubhouse ?

  • When you join first join, the Clubhouse algorithm automatically link your phone’s contacts
  •  You can choose whoever to follow (which you can do by simply pressing the follow button next to their profile photos). 
  • The app Automatically suggests other people on your interest.
clubhouse room space
clubhouse room space

How to follow topics on clubhouse app?

  • Clubhouse Algorithm finds your topic with your recent behaviour on the app.
  • The App automatically Suggests the Topics of the room to follow.
  • Underneath the recommended people for you to follow, you’ll see a selection of topics labeled “Find Conversations About…“.
  • There you can find broad topics like the Hustle  fire emoji

How to create a room in Clubhouse in Simple 9 Steps

  1. Start or schedule a room.
  2. Give an intro about yourself and moderators to the audience.
  3. Check for hand raises.
  4. Act as a speaker.
  5. Own the conversation.
  6. Check out your attendee list.
  7. Request listeners to bring friends through invitation.
  8. Check and Remove inactive person from list.
  9. Leave or end the room.

How to earn money in Clubhouse app?

How to earn money in clubhouse apps
How to earn money in clubhouse
  • Clubhouse is rolling out a monetization scheme for creators on iOS in the US.
  • It’s not like Google Adsense on Youtube. It’s like users can tip or send an in-app payment to creators.
  • Developers promised 100% of the money goes to creators.
  • Stripe is being the payment partner with Clubhouse now.
  • Only a processing fee for stripe transaction will be charged.

How to enable Payment in Clubhouse app?

US-based users can send and receive payment now. To enable Payment option in clubhouse.

  • Under your profile.
  • Then click the gear icon  
  • Enter Settings > Payments

It also requires a Stripe account.

How to delete/deactivate Clubhouse App the account in 3 Steps

  1. You had to email “[email protected]” (Previously worked)
  2. On Android Device Open App Settings > Account > Deactivate Account.
  3. On iOS Device Open App Settings > Account > Deactivate Account.


Can clubhouse app be used on iPad?

Yes, You can but the iPad Clubhouse app is not well optimized

Is clubhouse app publicly traded

No , you can trade with Culbhouse app stock

When was clubhouse app created?

Early, Clubhouse launched (along with COVID in the US!) in March 2020.

Where to buy clubhouse app stock?

Currently you can’t but clubhouse app stock because They’re a freshly-founded startup, so they’re still a private company.

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