As a reader of TechShits.Com, you are already well aware of the various security vulnerabilities in the Facebook platform as well as the number of data leaks that have occurred through it.

Now, there is a report of a person selling the mobile phone numbers of Facebook users collected using another such vulnerability using a Telegram bot.

The bot has around 533 million Facebook users’ mobile phone numbers.

This type of query costs one credit and can be obtained by paying US $ 20. There is also a bulk pricing plan and you can get up to 10,000 credits for $ 5,000.

It is reported that this bot will be active from January 12, 2021 to date and for this purpose, a database obtained by Facebook using a patched vulnerability in 2019 will be used.

Thus, mobile phone numbers up to 2019 will be available through this, and it is assumed that the accuracy of this data will still be largely high as most people will not change their mobile phone number for years.

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