Android Vs iPhone :Which to buy in 2021 , Second Market.

BankMycell has released its 2020 Annual Report, a series of annual reports on the rate at which smartphones fall in price after purchase.

According to the report, the value of an Android phone will be less than twice that of an iPhone within a year of purchase.

Also, two years after the purchase, the price of an Android phone will be reduced by 61.50%, while the price of an iPhone will be reduced by 33.70%.

After four years, an Android flagship device will be 81.11% cheaper and a midrange and entry-level device at least 95% cheaper, the survey said.

But within four years of buying the iPhone, the price dropped by only 66.43%.

HTC, Motorola and Sony are the fastest-growing brands in the year following the acquisitions, at 53.08%, 42.57% and 39.51%, respectively.

Separately, Samsung and Apple, the two most competitive players in the mobile phone world, saw their Galaxy S20 drop by 34.78% in 9 months, but the iPhone 11 dropped by 12.84% in 9 months.

The Galaxy S20 + and S20 Ultra were down 30.59% and 36.30%, respectively, in nine months, while the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max were down 21.31% and 15.96%, respectively, in nine months. The price has come down by only one value.

So Simple iPhone still remain as Trump in Market.

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