SLT Mobitel SMS Codes

SLT Mobitel SMS Codes : SLT Mobitel has introduced SMS Based Service to View your SLT bill balance, Purchase data , and many more services . Simply put a SMS to SLT SMS number 1212.

SLT Mobitel SMS Codes based Services

  • Purchase Extra GB.
  • View GB Balance.
  • Activate Data Add-ons.
  • View Bill Details.
  • View Account Number of the connection.
  • Report Voice fault.

Normal SMS Charges Applicable.

SLT Mobitel SMS Codes

Purchase Extra GB

SSS <space> EXGB <space> Telephone number <space> GB amount

Activate Data Add-ons

SSS <space> ADDON <space> Telephone number <space> add-on-code

View SLT GB Balance

SSS <space> INT <space> Telephone number

View SLT Bill Details

SSS <space> Bill <space> Telephone number

View SLT Account Number of the Connection

SSS <space> ACT <space> Telephone number

Report Voice Fault

SSS <space> VFault <space> Telephone number

For More Details

SSS <space> Help

Source : SLT Mobitel

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