New WhatsApp app for Windows and MacOS coming soon

New WhatsApp app Soon : As you already know, WhatsApp, the most popular chat platform with over two billion users worldwide, can already be used on PCs as a mobile app and as a Web version.

However, you already know that you can not be so satisfied with the user interface and features of the web version here. Due to this, the need for a complete WhatsApp PC App that supports desktop has been a concern for many people for a long time.

Although a beta version of WhatsApp has already been released for Windows, GSMArena reports that the latest Italian PC App that will soon be optimized specifically for Windows and MacOS, based on some screenshots and GIFs published by the popular Italian website Aggiornamenti Lumia One is said to be unveiled.

New WhatsApp app for Windows and MacOS

New WhatsApp app Features

This will be the theme of Windows 11 with a transparent color panel, which will be notified even when leaving the app.

It may take a few seconds to log in to the existing WhatsApp web version, but this new PC app will open and activate in less than a second.

It is also reported that this app will also include a drawing feature to support the touch display.

The Aggiornamenti Lumia website points out that this PC App is divided into 6 categories: General, Account, Chats, Notifications, Storage, Help, and you can expect to see a traditional light green chat background on WhatsApp.

So we can assume that the limitations of using the WhatsApp web version will be avoided with this app and we will be able to know more about this soon.

New WhatsApp app for Windows and MacOS will be available soon.

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