WhatsApp Undo Status Coming Soon

WhatsApp is launching a new feature called Undo Status for WhatsApp Beta users : If you are already using WhatsApp Messaging app, you may be very interested in the new features added to it.

You may already be using the Status feature of the WhatsApp app. But if a status is published by mistake or with some shortcomings, the user will have to delete it. But the user will not be able to remove it immediately. Although the user may be able to delete his or her published status after a somewhat difficult operation, in the meantime other users may view the published status.

However, WhatsApp has added a new feature called Undo Status to remove WhatsApp status from WhatsApp. This Undo Status allows you to instantly remove your published WhatsApp status before other users view it through the Undo feature below. But after viewing a few users, you will have to delete the normal WhatsApp status.

Whatsapp Undo Status

Undo Status

WhatsApp Beta users will be able to access this feature via WhatsApp Beta version (Android, and WhatsApp will soon be making it available to regular WhatsApp users as well.

Source :  Wabetainfo

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