National Fuel Pass Registration for Business

National Fuel Pass Online Registration for Business can be done now. You can register Multiple Vehicles under your Business Name.

The Following Tweet from @Kanchana Wijesekara clearly state that National Fuel Pass For Business is enabled now on the website.

Businesses with multiple vehicles can now register all their vehicles with their Business Registration Number on Fuel Pass. Fuel requirements for machinery must be registered with the respective Divisonal Secretariats with the weekly fuel requirements.

How to Register National Fuel Pass For Business.

Company and Gov vehicles/bikes can be registered under BRN category. If require to register multiple vehicles follow below instructions.

  • Under Nic number create a Unique code for your Institute (Numeric or Alphabetical) and this should be consistent for every vehicle profile.
  • Any Commercial/Government ministry or institution/NGO/ Clubs etc to register under BRN category.
  • Select BRN and follow the registration process.
  • Each vehicle registered require a unique mobile number to be assigned.

Contact ICTA Regard National Fuel Pass

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